CIBW099 will next meet at the World Building Congress in Hong Kong 17 - 21 June, 2019

Big Academic Debate Around Sun Set: 

Chaired by Professor Hugh McKenna, Ulster University

Industry vs Academia debate.

Motion: ​"All that safety research is no use to industry. It’s just purely academic." 

Dr Gerry Ayers

Keynote speech to Belfast 2015 conference.

Ulster University

Working Commission on Safety and Health in Construction​

CIB W099

​​Belfast 2015 


belfast (2015) CONFERENCE: big academic debate around sun set

​​about the belfast (2015) conference

CIBW099, at its annual conference and meeting, held in Belfast in 2015, explored the future for safety, health and wellbeing research. A series of challenging debates, keynote addresses, focus groups and a follow-up survey all combined to give a picture of the commission’s future strategy and direction. The fundamental outworkings of Robert Weatherup’s ‘Bashing the Heads of Bunny Rabbits’ session was the challenge to identify not all of the problems in the industry that we need to get right, but to limit the focus down to two critical hazards, which should we all put them at the centre of our minds could be eradicated (and that would include where exposure to the hazard would no longer occur). Two were chosen to allow for one safety hazard and one health hazard to be identified and in the achievement of the eradication of those hazards the industry would enhance workers’ total wellbeing.

Behm and McAleenan (2016) put forward the idea that in pursuit of this strategy “CIBW099 recognises that as researchers, individually or in groups [it] has the capacity to devote time to the goals set down, within its roadmap, without compromising individuality or without precluding and non-CIBW099 research projects”. The research must also recognise that differing geographic and economic regions have different needs and as a consequence the research projects should reflect those needs, while pursuing the commonly agreed eradication goals. The value of collaboration is that the learning gained will be shared across the whole spectrum allowing for cross-fertilisation of ideas and for adoption and adaptation as necessary. 

Behm, M. and McAleenan, C., 2016. Research Roadmap for Safety and Health on Construction Sites. Proceedings World Building Congress. May 2016. Tampere, Finland.

Keynote: Dr gerry ayers of cfmeu victoria, australia

Conference prizes


Conference prizes were awarded at the Gala dinner in the following categories:

Best overall paper demonstrating relevance and Impact - The 'Jimmy Hinze' prize

Winner: Jane English and Sianne Abrahams:

Paper: “Inclusion of HIV/AIDS Awareness into Third-year Communication Courses for Students of Engineering and the Built Environment.”

Best academic/ industry collaboration paper

​No Award given this year.

Best paper on workers' Safety, Health and Wellbeing benefits

Winner: Fred Sherratt:

Paper: “Legitimising Public Health Control on Sites: Evaluating the UK Construction Industry Response.”

Best paper on societal benefits of construction safety

Winner: Chioma Sylvia Okoro, Innocent Musonda, and Justus Agumba:

Paper: “Establishing Nutritional Intake and Determinants of Food Choice amongst Construction Workers in Gauteng, South Africa.”

​Best student paper

Winner: Graham Hayne, Bimal Kumar, and Billy Hare 

Paper: “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Modern Building Engineering Studios to Deliver Design for Safety (DfS).”

Congratulations to all our prize winners.