Working Commission on Safety and Health in Construction​

CIB W099


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COnference outcomes
​The conference will seek answers to:


How well do education, training, and professional development prepare design professionals in the provision of inherently safe[r] and healthier designs?

How can research into safety and health deliver improvements in workers’ conditions and their quality of life?

What progress towards achieving vision zero is likely to be brought about from current safety and health research across all jurisdictions?

What are the opportunities for creativity and innovation in the delivery of safer and healthier design?

How can gender equality, cultural diversity and inclusivity be promoted in the design of safe(r) and healthier workplaces?

Are the ethical and moral challenges understood around the globe and addressed appropriately in safety and health research projects?

Are we impacting research that is highlighted in the W099 Research Roadmap? 


​How can information technology contribute to improvement?

How can both employment and industrial problems be addressed?

How can gender and work-life balance issues be addressed?

How can skills better be developed and transferred?

How can health and well being issues be better recognised, understood, and avoided?

How can diversity and inclusivity be promoted? 

COnference sub-themes


​Safe and healthy work as a positive social function
Prevention through design
Safety and health in developing countries
Ethical and moral challenges / social and societal responsibility
Zero harm vision
Education, training, continuous improvement, and learning
Workers’ conditions and quality of life
Opportunities for creativity and innovation
Social performance and construction safety and health
Communicating safety and health
Technology and safety and health
Ergonomics and human factors 


​Health and well being
Employment and industrial relations
Integration of people and technology
Labour market and work
Multi-cultural and diversity issues
Older workers / Age-related issues
People with disabilities
Respect for people
Skills development and transfer 
Stress and work in construction 
Work-life-balance 
Worker engagement and empowerment

​​Broader Related Issues​...
Please note that while priority may be placed upon abstracts under the theme / sub themes of the conference, all other safety, health, and wellbeing abstracts covering broader issues shall be considered. 

​​Welcome to CAPe TOwN - cibw099 (11-13 june 2017)​

Towards better safety, health, wellbeing and life in construction

CIBW099 will next meet in Salvador, Brazil in August 2018

The Joint CIB W099 and TG59 International Safety, Health, Wellbeing and People in Construction Conference is being held in Cape Town, South Africa from the 11 to 13 of June 2017. The venue: ​The Graduate School of Business (the venue) is located in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the tourist hub of Cape Town, with a range of accommodation, restaurants, and attractions in the vicinity.

​The theme and title of the conference that will be co-hosted by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) is ’Towards better Safety, Health, Wellbeing, and Life in Construction’.  ​